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All About Rose

All About Rose
Rosa damascena

Used by many ancient civilisations for its medicinal properties for skin conditions, fever, liver-digestive disorders and in perfumery. The queen of all essential oils, it is one of the most complex with over 300 chemical properties.

Roses used in essential oils
There are approx. 10,000 different species of roses known, only about 150 have a strong fragrance. Of these, only 4-6 are used for producing essential oils. The main growing areas of rose in Bulgaria, Turkey, Morocco, and France.

Rosa = rose derived from the Greek radon meaning red.

Common name                         Botanical name
Damask Rose, Rose               Rosa damascena

Cabbage Rose, Rose              Rosa centifolia
Rose Maroc, Rose de Mai

White Rose                                 Rosa alba

Apothecary Rose                    Rosa gallica officinalis

Plant Signature
Its petal represents the layers of knowledge gained. More than a beautiful flower, rose is healing on all levels.

Herbal remedy ~ drunk as tea it helps clear toxins and heat from the body
The Essential Oil ~ skin rejuvenation, nervous tension, extreme grief, post-natal depression
The Hydrosol ~ Floral Water: skin rash, allergies, hot flushes, liver congestion
The Flower Essence ~ increased confidence and self love, works on the heart chakra
Planetary Association ~ venus
Crystal Association ~ rose quartz, green aventurine
Chakra ~ heart and sacral
Elemental Association fire
The Symbolic Meaning of Rose
Flowers are the messengers of our most sacred feeling with a language of their own. As a gift they are able to express our feeling and passions.

Red ~ true love, passion and desire
Yellow ~ jealousy
White ~ loyalty
Pink ~ elegance and refinement
Purple ~ wisdom, a time of discretion
Orange ~ friendship, trust
Black ~ transformation, rejuvenation

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