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Aromatherapy as Energy Medicine

Aromatherapy as Energy Medicine

Although I trained in clinical and holistic aromatherapy the spiritual aspect of plant medicine cannot be separated in my work. Essential oils are derived from aromatic plants and man has utilized herbs for centuries, for many different purposes. These purposes have ranged from healing to ritual use and for the spiritual properties of the plants. When preparing a blend for a client, all aspects of the individual is taken into consideration and the degree to which the individual is willing to acknowledge and work with the spiritual energy dimension of the oil can heighten the healing process.

Here are some examples of essential oils and their physical and spiritual properties:

Angelica: Digestive aid, menopausal symptoms, connection to the angelic realm
Lavender: Skin healing, relaxant, to bring everyday actions to align with one’s spiritual goals
Vetiver: Antispasmodic, calming to the nervous system, helps to connect the intellectual mind to the spiritual
Jasmine: Anti-depressant, regulating, develops intuition and original thought

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