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Essential Oils and why you choose the oils you do

Essential Oils and why you choose the oils you do

Do you ever wonder why you are drawn to a particular essential oil and its scent? There are two schools of thought that run here. The scent you are drawn to is because it can potentially guide/support you at this point in your life or the scent of the oil you do not like is simply because it may represent feelings, emotions and associations you are not facing up to.

Throughout history, humans have been aware of the market effects of scented plants on their mind, body and emotions. Aromatic oils and herbs were integrated into the spiritual and social lives of ancient civilisations and gradually a body of plant knowledge was compiled together with the medicinal and folkloric use of plants, herbs and flowers. The latter was termed “Magickal Aromatherapy”.

Certain fragrant plants were worn or inhaled to the body, some were utilised to attract love, wealth and to improve health.

Here are some herbs-essential oils and their use in Magickal Aromatherapy.

Bergamot: the leaves of the orange bergamot were slipped into wallets to attract money.
Ginger: for good health and money.
Rosemary: Shakespeare says it’s for “remembrance” to increase memory and lasting bonds.
Sandalwood: used in all forms of meditation, divination and trance work.
Thyme: for courage and ambition.
Violet leaf: as a funeral herb when a young child passes away.

To take this a step further, each of the above herb-essential oils is associated with a planetary influence, day, colour, gemstone and key word such as:

Bergamot – The Sun – Sunday – Yellow/Gold – Topaz/Diamond – Antidepressant
Sandalwood – Moon – Monday – Silver/White – Moonstone/Pearl – Intuition
Ginger – Mars – Tuesday – Red – Ruby/Carnelian – Energy
Rosemary – Mercury – Wednesday – Yellow Amber – Communication
Nutmeg – Jupiter – Thursday – Purple – Amethyst/Sapphire – Money
Violet leaf – Venus – Friday – Rose Quartz/Kunzite – Healing
Frankincense – Saturn – Saturday – Indigo – Aquamarine – Spirituality

The folkloric use of the plant has not grown by accident, and it is a wealth of information. It is not to be taken literally, but represents a series of keys, capable of unlocking the mysteries of the Herbalist’s art. From within the lore we find the means by which people have tried to define the special energy of each herb.

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