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Inner Beauty Routine

Inner Beauty Routine

We all work on our outer beauty with a beauty regime of good skin care products, eating fresh wholesome foods, getting enough fresh air and exercising. But what about our inner beauty. What is inner beauty? To live from your soul and to be able to tune in to your inner self is to me, inner beauty. It is not the voice of your mind, it is the voice of your soul.
Your soul knows that you have a contribution to make to the world and will assist you to unfold your talents. As you start to live from your soul’s impulses, inner beauty will radiate through your outer being.

The Inner Beauty Routine

Step 1: Clearing
Clear issues from your past by writing, drawing, dancing and of ritual: create a physical action to bury and burn your old destructive patterns into the sea or off a cliff.

Step 2: Surrender
Surrender to yourself. Acknowledge that the soul’s dialogue is of dreams, symbols, synchronicities and intuitions. Meditate, spend time with animals, sit in nature, walk alone, listen to quiet music.

Step 3: Intention
Put forward your intention to live life from your soul…….what really counts is the intention behind your activities. Is there truth, beauty and compassion in what you do, whatever you do.

The results of inner beauty will be varied and many. There is no time line or predictability since it will be as unique to each individual. However, you may find authenticity that the mask you put on to others as you go into the world will no longer be worn.

Your authentic self will be revealed without you knowing, you will be at ease at all times. You will also find intuition. A knowing and understanding beyond the reach of the rational mind. Intuition is a voice of wisdom of understanding the needs of others and of the natural world.

Outer beauty may fade with age, inner beauty certainly does not, it just keeps getting more beautiful and richer.

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