Natural Perfumery

Oakmoss – The Natural Perfumer’s Favourite

Oakmoss – The Natural Perfumer’s Favourite

Absolutes in Natural Perfumery
Botanical name: Evernia prunastri
Common name: Oakmoss, mousse de chene
Essential oil extraction from: Linchen (tree moss)
Family: Usneaceae
Planet: Moon, Jupiter
Element: Earth
Chakra association: Base and Sacral
Crystal association: Obsidian
Traditional Aromatherapy use: Grounds and centers when emotionally unsettled
Natural Perfumery: Used as a fixative and to given character and depth
Magickal use: To increase cash flow and personal prosperity
Scent description: Mossy, wood, green, earthy, sea-shore like

A evocative scent you either love or hate. Earthy, mossy, salty, wet and edgy. True Oakmoss comes from the linchen (tree moss or alga) which grows on trunks and branches of oak trees. Oakmoss is a light green to black lichen, a fungus growing on trees found in many mountainous forest throughout South-Central Europe and North America.

There are many types of linchen but the one used extensively in the perfume industry is Evernia prunastri. Once commercially harvested it is usually exported to the Grasse region of France where its fragrant compounds are extracted as Oakkmoss absolute. It is used extensively as a perfume fixative and forms the base note of many fragrances.

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