“The craft so long to learn.”
~ Hippocrates


Learn how to incorporate essential oils into your everyday life for health, beauty and well-being.
In my workshops, I align with the group’s dynamics or the individual student. This means that no workshop is ever the same.
Together we will explore aromatherapy, essential oils, the natural world, the human body and psyche.

Private and group classes can be arranged to students’ availability.
Here’s the full list of my workshops – please email me for bookings:

Aromatic Woman ~ A guide to self care
“Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart” ~ Khalil Gibran

Celebrate being a woman and learn how to nurture and take care of yourself the wise woman way with aromatic plant medicine. Learn how to use essential oils and the power of scent to balance hormones, improve lymphatic circulation, ease anxieties and maintain healthy, beautiful skin.

You will learn:
How to work with a range of essential oils and carrier oils to address common conditions from menstrual cycle / menopausal to skin and body care.
Level: Intermediate

Aromatics for Dogs
“I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues” ~ Dr. Suess, The Lorax

Learn how to use essential oils confidently and safely on your dog. Essential oils are powerful plant extracts with a broad range of antimicrobial properties and can be the first line of defence in preventative care to keep your canine friend in optimal condition.

You will learn:
How to blend effective remedies for common canine conditions such as skin and ear infections, and to restore healthy behavior to address fear and aggression. Important safety guidelines and potential contra-indications of essential oils will be covered.
Level: Intermediate / Beginner

Holistic Skincare
“What happens when people open their hearts? They get better” ~ Haruki Murakami

My philosophy is to treat skin holistically as the skin is a reflection of what is happening in our emotional life and essential oils have the potential to shift one’s energy as a medicine on its own – not just for the skin but for the spirit. As plants do not discriminate where, when and how chosen to share their healing gifts. Self care as an act of love.

You will learn:
The top essential oils for skin care including scars and specific skin conditions, blending guidelines and how to create formulas for specific skin types and conditions and guidelines to take a case history to blend for your friends and clients.
Level: Intermediate / Advance

Materia Medica
“The craft so long to learn” ~ Hippocrates

Materia medica is a Latin medical term for the body of collected knowledge about the therapeutic properties of any substance used for healing, may it be a drug or plant.

You will learn:
This workshop covers a in-depth treasury of information about the therapeutic qualities of essential oils in which participants will explore the therapeutics, energetic and folkloric medicine of the plants the essential oils are derived from.
Level: Open to all levels

Blending for Scent & Therapy
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” ~ Lao Tzo

This workshop will teach you how to blend essential oils for therapeutic use to promote physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. It is an important first step in blending essential oils for clinical, psycho-spiritual or perfumery.

You will learn:
How to combine knowledge (science) and intuition (art) to support and enhance your blending skills. We will explore essential oils by their chemical constituents and their known therapeutic actions.
Level: Intermediate / Advance

Intuitive & Psycho-Spiritual Essential oil Blending
“Sometimes I am the flower, sometimes I am the rain” ~ Gavana

By learning how to trust our intuition, one can develop an understanding of the psycho-social-spiritual aspect of an essential oil and how to integrate aromatic oils for self care.

You will learn:
How to develop your sense of smell via the olfactory system and explore the traditional folkloric use of the botanical plants, flowers and herbs that reflect the potential therapeutic action of the essential oil.
Level: Advance

Natural Perfumery
“Fragrance is the nourishment of the spirit” ~ Mohammed

Discover the artistry and alchemy of blending with aromatic essences to create botanical perfumes.
The many volatile compounds that make up the fragrant and chemical profile of essential oils and absolutes give it its specific range of possible uses in perfumery and aromatherapy.

You will learn:
How to create a harmonious perfume composition of top middle and heart notes, classification of aromatic odour such as citrus, spices, resins and woods. Like an artist we will recreate the smell of an experience, a feeling – the calm before the storm, a celebration or a dance form such as flamenco.
Level: Beginners / Intermediate

Scented Interiors – coming soon

Some of the things my students have said….


I know Shireen by chance when I studied Alchemy. Under her encompassing understanding and knowledge on Aromatherapy & Alchemy I learned how to work with essential oils, and deeply understand the Magical aspect of Aromatherapy and Alchemy. I really learnt a lot. A very patient and selfless teacher, Shireen is willing to share her knowledge with others. With my many questions, she answers me all along in detail. I really appreciate and feel honored to have Shireen as my teacher. Thanks Shireen! from my heart.


Aromatics for Dogs recommended by me. I have known Shireen for a long time and can vouch for her credentials and true love for animals.


Shireen was my tutor on the essential oil pharmacy module at Asia Pacific Aromatherapy Diploma course. She is a true profession and has years of experience in the field of aromatherapy. I feel confident to recommend her products to all who would like to use natural and organic skin care products.


I write to express my gratitude to your teaching and diligence in guiding me the journey of becoming an aromatherapist. Thank you so so much for your sharing – it has been amazing to learn from your point of view and hopefully that I will be able to expand it.


Thank you so much for presenting such a wonderful course. It was most enjoyable and we learned so much from you in a relaxed manner.


I met Shireen 18 months ago when I started my journey in aromatherapy with Asia-Pacific Aromatherapy. She was my tutor on essential oil pharmacy module…I constantly try to get new workshops with her, in group or one by one, as she brings me constantly new knowledge in aromatherapy and natural skin care products. She is passionate and gives me confident in my practice. Thanks a lot, Shireen to bring me in and keep me discovering all the benefit of essential oils.


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