Aromatics for Dogs

Hydrosols for Canine Care

Hydrosols for Canine Care

Hydrolats are the homeopathic version of essential oils
Therapeutic hydrosols are the gentle aromatic waters that are produced during the distillation process of essential oils. They are not cosmetic waters often called floral water that contain synthetic preservatives. Many hydrosols have a long history of efficiency and safety and have been used in herbal and folkloric medicine. Some well known traditional hydrosols are Rosa damascene and Lavendula angustifolia.

Hydrosols are gentle and safe for topical application on animals. However, I generally concentrate on application for canines based on my experience and training. There may be times when essential oils are not appropriate – this is where hydrosols can play an important role. General application would be to soak the hydrosol onto a cotton pad and apply directly onto the affected area 2 to 3 times a day until visible improvement.

Below are some acute conditions in which you can use hydrosols on your dog. Ways to use hydrosols:

Wounds or sore paws: Blue Yarrow or Lavender hydrosol speed up granulation tissue
Itchy skin due to allergy, fungal infection: Manuka or Blue chamomile ease itching and are anti-fungal
Insect bite: Blue chamomile or Peppermint hydrosol are soothing and act as natural antihistamine

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